Phase coherency on the entire spectrum

Phase coherency creates a more defined timbre and crystal-clear textures, including on the lower end. Also the single source for all frequencies produces sharper attacks and more dynamic transients. As a result individual instruments are more audible, and the intelligibility of speech is augmented. Early attempts to produce time alignment and phase-coherency constitute a big improvement in sound quality that have made brand names such as Tanoy, Urex, Fostex, etc... the few distinguished representatives of sound excellence. The Holophonic Speakers™ address the same issue of sound integrity on a single-way speaker that can deliver lower distortion levels at higher SPL (Sound Pressure Level).

Stereo Separation

Several Parameters have been introduced on the Holophonic Speakers™ that translate in a unique incremental on stereo separation:

Cylindrical Sound Waves

According to the laws of physics, ‘spherical waves’, distribute acoustic acoustical energy with the reverse square law (RSL), which translates into a rapid (Dradatic) decay of energy when you increase the distance to the source,

and increase exponentially to dangerous levels, when the distance to the speaker is close to zero.  At the core of the Holophonic Speakers™ design is a new approach to sound production. Cylindrical sound waves have a natural dispersion in a linear way, which translates to more sound at long distances and less sound at closer distances. Thus the common problem of feedback is practically eliminated.  Also, due to the more even and homogeneous distribution of sound, cylindrical sound waves expand the “sweet spot” for stereo listening beyond any other “single point” speaker in the market today. 

Clarity and the Sweet Spot

Conventional technologies offer poor dispersion of high frequencies that diminishes the size of the sweet spot. Furthermore, the absence of the great deal of distortion associated with conventional speakers (with distortion levels in the single to double digits), the Holophonic Speakers™ can accentuate the stereo effect because less “artifacts” are generated by the speaker, box resonance, horn distortion, cross-over distortion, comb filters etc... some of which tend to be of a ‘mono’ component. The Holophonic Speakers™ allow a signal to be cleaner, and produce zero of the ‘mono impurities’ or ‘imprint’ associated with conventional speakers. The absence of coloration or ‘personality’ of the Holophonic Speakers™ makes it suitable for the entire spectrum of music and soundtrack material.

High Level, Low Distortion

It is a common fact that a conventional speaker is commonly working close to its practical limit. To increase the level means sometimes to reach the upper limits of compression and expansion on the spring elements on the conventional(spider, suspension). The result is a ‘mechanical clipping’ of the sound wave, different from the ‘electrical clipping’ associated with amplifiers.

The Holophonic Speakers™ offer a solution to this problem by dissipating all the acoustical and electrical energies with vibrating surfaces that approach the size of the wavelengths at the lowest end, which translates in a highest sensitivity and therefore the highest dynamic range. The result is the ability to play whispering ‘adagios’ together with thunderous ‘fortissimo’. This translates to a speaker that is suitable for classical music, rock, jazz, hip-hop, PA systems, and monitor systems.

Lowest Permeability and Reverberation

In normal conditions, listeners in a room are exposed to the direct sounds of the speaker plus the sound ricocheting off the walls, floor and ceiling (Reverberation). In order to understand this phenomenon, imagine that you place a small pebble or ball bearing inside a coffee can. The can represents the ‘room’ and the ball bearing represents the ‘small speaker’ inside it. If you shake the can you will hear the ball bearing ricocheting inside. The sound reverberates against the walls of the can. If you were to eliminate the ricocheting in the can, you would have to change the nature of the can (room) or altogether the nature of the sound waves that are ricocheting. In the first, more conventional approach, the interior walls of the can (or room) must be covered with insulating materials. The result is sometimes adequate, but can result in a major expense, interfere with the decor (imagine a church with sonic treatment), and more importantly be a fire hazard. Imagine taking the small ball bearing out of the can and replacing it with a ball bearing almost as wide as the can. Because the larger ball is trapped by its sheer size, no ricocheting can occur. The ball can only move in one direction (like a bullet in the barrel of a gun). The Holophonic Speakers™ are designed to produce sound waves as large as the listening room. As a result, a large percentage of the room reverberation is eliminated and room permeability is dramatically reduced to the contentment of the neighbors. For the first time the consumer will be free to listen to music at higher levels without bothering the neighbors.

A Word About Coherency

When you clap your hands - a sharp, loud sound is created. If you analyze the spectral component of such short, intense bursts of mechanical energy, you will discover that it contains a great amount of spectral varieties.  In other words, in order to reproduce the sound’s original sharpness, the frequencies need to reach the ear in the same phase components as if the music was live.

Any phase, time, or intensity difference will make the sound lose its sharpness and appear dull. In order to visualize this phenomenon, imagine driving a car at high speed over a speed bump. The two wheels hit the speed bump at the same time, and the car suspension receives a big jolt. On the other hand, if you hit the same speed bump at an angle, the two wheels will hit at different times and distribute the impact in a softer way. Conventional speakers distribute the different frequencies of short impulse (drums, gongs, explosions, etc) at different times (because of the differing inertia of the heavy woofer compared with the lighter tweeter), and at different phases (due to the electronic components that make up the cross-over). The result is a dull, softer punch. Also, when the electrical impulse ends, the natural inertia of the heavier components (woofer, sub-woofer, etc) continue to vibrate for several milliseconds, further distorting the clarity of the source. Multi-way speakers of any nature or price cannot compare with Holophonic Speakers™ which introduce levels of purity, integrity, and transparency, never before achieved.

Zuccarelli Loudspeakers™

Technical Features:

Holophonic Speakers™ are the world’s first full range, high-level, one-way, cylindrical sound wave, low-distortion speakers.

Full Range one-way speaker

Eliminating crossover networks and multiple-wave loudspeakers, this technology offers the lowest level of distortion on the entire audio spectrum.

The Holophonic LoudSpeakers  

The Holophonic Speakers™ are a revolutionary speaker system producing a unique, ultra-high-fidelity psycho-acoustic experience which parallels true live audio quality.  The Holophonic Speakers™ are ideal for homes, concert halls, churches, apartment houses, and auditoriums.

Distinct from any other speaker systems, the Holophonic Speakers apply unique mathematical properties which produce a uniform cylindrical sound wave that is homogeneous from floor-to-ceiling. Through this innovation the Holophonic Speakers™ are capable of delivering stereo sound evenly throughout an entire room, regardless of its size or the listener’s positioning within it. In practical terms, this effectively makes the entire listening space the stereo ‘sweet-spot’.

Whether you stand two inches or 250 feet from the Holophonic Speakers™ you will still enjoy the same crystal-clear quality of sound. The cylindrical sound wave, due to its low energy sound-pressure level,  permits a listener to enjoy even high-volume levels such as a rock concert without any damaging effects on hearing nor discomfort to the eardrums. That is high volume without reverberation or bleed beyond the confinements of a room, eliminating the need for elaborate soundproofing systems. Equally amazing to performers, the Holophonic Speakers™ produce absolutely zero feedback from a microphone - even at a range of 4 inches.

The Holophonics Speakers feature such evolutionary distinctions as to literally set them a generation ahead of any speaker, professional or consumer, and of any price-tag, in the market today.