Newspaper and Magazine Headlines

“Inventor of Holophonics™ opens up world of sound”—LA Times

“Racking the brain to create live stereo sound”—Newsweek Magazine

“Italian wizard hears sound of the future”— Japan Times

“Holophonics™ puts you in the middle of things”—Daily Press

“Holophonics™—making a noise in sound reproduction.” –-Denver Post

“So you think you’ve heard everything? Listen to Holophonics™! —Seattle Times

In News and Magazine Articles

“Compared to binaural, Holophonics™ creates far more dramatic spatial effects” 

    — Audio Visual Magazine

“Holophonics™ represents a massive leap in understanding. Zuccarelli approaches sound recording with a through knowledge of physiology rather than just acoustics or electronic engineering.”

    -- Audio Visual Magazine

“The clarity of Holophonics™ can create synethesia—sensation or smell corresponding to the sound images”

    — Conscious Connections

“Everyone who has heard the acclaimed new system of the Holophonic demo has been impressed. Sound is heard moving up and down, as well as, sideways” 

    — International Broadcasting

The BBC and Institute of Broadcast Sound conducted an experiment in a concert hall. Nine binaural technologies were rated by the audience and the best was then compared to (Zuccarelli’s) holophonic sound. The holophonics™ record was judged more realistic, especially when the hall was darkened.

Individual’s Testimonials and Endorsements

“Holophonics™ seems the clearest proof of the holographic properties of reality as first described by neurologist Karl Pribram and physicist David Bohm. Whereas visual holographics can not yet fool the eye, Zuccarelli’s Holophonics™ is difficult to distinguish from present reality… Holophonics™ broadcasts directly to the brain.  The reference tone in Holophonics™ is analogous to a laser beam in a hologram.”


            —Marilyn Ferguson, Best Selling Author “Aquarian Conspiracy” and Editor of  Brain Mind Bulletin

“…Personally, I was very impressed with the capability of your system.  I invite you to follow up with the acoustic and holographic techniques used in your system on the potential for application to future Mars missions.   I'm going to send a note to Arthur (C. Clarke) also, thanking him for letting us know of your work” 


            --Dr. Richard J. Doyle, Manager of the Information Technologies and Software Systems Division at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

“…We all continue to be impressed with the pristine transparency and precise spatial localization of the system, and feel that it may have some excellent space applications, especially in the area of virtual environments and tele-operation of remote spacecraft and instruments. We look forward to holding further discussions with you on possible collaboration and application areas of the Holophonics™ system in the space exploration arena.”

            --Larry Bergman, PhD., Secretary of Engineering and Infrastructure Section (366) at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

“What I expected of Holophonics™  was a refined, clean, system; like many other systems (demos in studios). What I got instead was sound that was all around me and even inside me. It was stunning to hear various demo sounds make the hair on my neck stand up. It was as though you had someone with you performing various tests and really "feeling" the sound. I found this technology to be very impressive!”  

            -- Ron Oakland, Concert Violinist and Concertmaster of American Ballet Theatre

“I can see how people get addicted to this stuff!”

             --Karl Pribram, Neuroscientist and Author of Brain and Perception