Book References

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Motion Picture Projects With Holophonics™

“Wishmaster” and “Wishmaster II,” Wes Craven movies. (1997)(1999)

“Species” and “Species II,” MGM Studios; features Holophonics™ sound effects. (1995)(1998)

“Aladdin,” Walt Disney. Holophonics™ used on trailer. (1992)

“Tales from the Crypt,” HBO Movie  (1989)

“H.G. Wells’ ‘The Time Machine’-The Musical,” Los Angeles, CA (1 Jan 1987)

Disney World’s Master Sound Theatre in the MGM Pavilion, Orlando, FL, and Disneyland’s President’s Pavilion, Anaheim, CA have featured Holophonics™ recordings

Further Holophonics™ Projects

Argentinean Planetarium Exhibit for the Blind, Buenos Aires. Holophonics™ recordings used to broadcast from “stars” in the planetarium to enable the blind to perceive the astronomical projections. (2000-2005)

IMAX’s digital sound system by Sonics Associates. Holophonics™ recordings were chosen for their clarity to demonstrate the new IMAX sound system. (1993)

“War Breeds (PC),” Broderbund. Video game soundtrack. (1998)

“Hachiman,” -Japanese record label of Holophonics™ recordings.

TV and Radio Broadcasts

“FM Tokyo”  featured Holophonics™ recording! s on radio in Japan (1990)

“The Eleven O’clock Show” - featured on TV’s late show in Japan. (1988)

“Headsets,” Host Jim Ladd (KLOS Radio--Los Angeles, CA) aired live demonstrations of Holophonics™. (1986-87)

“The Real World”- TVS science program, England. (21 Feb 1983)


“Breakfast TV” – featured on the morning show, England (1983)

Holophonics™ in Media