Hugo Zuccarelli, the Argentine-born inventor, has received international acclaim for his theories of how the human auditory system perceives sound. Mr. Zuccarelli’s insights have resulted in numerous technological innovations over the course of 3 decades including that for which he is best known, the Holophonic™ recording technology, invented in 1980 during his undergraduate study in electrical engineering at Polytechnic of Milan in Italy.

By studying the mathematics of the human hearing mechanism, Zuccarelli postulated the idea that the inner ear analyzes sound in a holographic manner, and subsequently Mr. Zuccarelli, in a stroke of genius, discovered the acoustic equivalent of holography. What followed were several international awards, recognition by NASA, the music and film industry, the scientific community, and numerous cultural luminaries and brain researchers including Dr. Stanislav Grof (endorsement in “Beyond the Brain” and “The Adventure of Self Discovery”) and Michael Talbot (endorsement in “The Holographic Universe”).

Mr. Zuccarelli’s Holophonics™ recordings have been featured at Disneyland and Disney World; on HBO, TV science programs and local news channels, on radio, in video games, and in motion pictures. His work has been featured in several museum exhibits, including the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh (2004) and The Science Museum in Los Angeles (2000) as well as in advertising for many international corporations, such as Fiat (Italy, 1997), Goodyear (USA, 2000) and NEC (USA, 1997). In the recording industry, Mr. Zuccarelli has collaborated with Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Leon Gieco and Gustavo Santaolalla (the Argentinean soundtrack artists of the film ‘Motorcycle Diaries’); and many others.

Mr. Zuccarelli has provided his technical expertise for JPL, Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories, in Pasadena, California, to experiment with the newest generation of virtual presence for teleconferencing and mission communications. He was invited by the U.S. Navy to showcase Holophonics™ to the SBIR conference in 2001 (Oakland, CA).

The Interplanetary Society (providing commercial space flights), also in Pasadena, has shown interest in modifying the helmets of astronauts planning for future trips to Mars, to enable them to experience “real-time” Holophonics™ sound as they navigate the Martian landscape.

In order to reproduce the Holophonics™ effect and level of clarity to a large audience, Mr. Zuccarelli engaged in 15-years of further research to develop a next-generation speaker system. The result of this was a single-source, high-definition, low-distortion speaker (U.S. Patent Pending) that resolves most of the distortions associated with conventional speaker systems. The experiments conducted by NASA and in various public entertainment venues promise yet another Zuccarelli-inspired revolution in sound technology, vastly improving sound reproduction for auditoriums, cinemas, churches and other large rooms.

Mr. Zuccarelli is currently engaged in R&D exploring new applications in broad consumer markets  for the family of Holophonics™ technologies.


Hugo Zuccarelli